Happy birthday Ryan Langerhans!

I want to wish a wonderful 33rd birthday to the one and only Ryan Langerhans!

For those that weren’t here from the beginning, the reason I named this blog after Ryan was that we share the exact same birthday. Kind of neat in a really dorky way.

Here are some other February 20th baseball birthdays:

Jurickson Profar – 1993!

Julio Borbon – 1986

Vinnie Pestano – 1985

Ryan Sweeney – 1985

Brian McCann – 1984

Justin Verlander – 1983

Livan Hernandez – 1975

Derek Lilliquist – 1966

Bill Gullickson – 1959

Roy Face – 1928

Tommy Henrich – 1913

Sam Rice – 1890

Not a bad group at all. One hall of famer. One pitcher (Verlander) who may be on his way. A stud catcher. And the top prospect in the game.


Thursday Theriots

Welcome to another scraptastic link-a-thon! Named after one of the scrappiest players ever to play the game.

  • I find the Jaso/Morse trade to be really interesting, though my thoughts can easily be summed up by Keith Law and Jeff Sullivan. Basically, I have no idea what it does for the Mariners while providing a solid return for the A’s and Nats. And since this is Langerhans’ Loogy, don’t forget about this little line of history:

June 28, 2009: Traded by the Washington Nationals to the Seattle Mariners for Mike Morse.

  • I love the idea of the World Baseball Classic. Try to bring together the best players from the best countries for a big old tournament. Unfortunately, there’s no good time of year to do it. So it’s relegated to Spring Training, when guys are supposed to spend a month golfing, not, you know, actually playing a lot of baseball. So we end up with rosters like this, that could be oh so much better.
  • I have to think that $5 million is a small some to pay for someone like Mike Napoli. Surprised he got so little. Then again, maybe he’ll be injured half the year.
  • On the upside, the O’s signed Buck Showalter to an extension. On the downside, they did the same for Dan Duquette.
  • I can’t remember who wrote it, but earlier today someone (Craig Calcaterra perhaps?) noted that this is the time of year when all you hear about is guys avoiding arbitration. And it’s true. Just look at MLB Trade Rumors.
  • Speaking of arbitration, if you haven’t already, go and buy Lords of the Realm. In short, the owners screwed over the players for many years before the players got any kind of fair treatment.
  • This will not be the first time I tell you that I hate the Marlins’ new park. But I do. Especially that silly sculpture.

I could post a hundred more of these, but those thoughts can wait for another day…