Thursday Theriots for 2/14/13 – Puppy love

I do want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. There’s only one link today, because it discusses an issue that’s close to my heart.

I’ve never in my life read an article that touched me quite like Jerry Crasnick’s piece on Mark Buehrle and his pit bull. It was extremely well-written and discussed the central issues in a clear, coherent way. Basically, pit bulls are banned in Ontario. Mark Buehrle owns a pit bull. It’s part of his family. So he has chosen to spend the season living away from his family so that he won’t run afoul of the ban.

Here’s my personal note. I am an owner of a pit bull, Alice. She was rescued from the back of a house in Akron, where she was chained up. The humane officers know she was used as a breeding dog and quite possibly as a fighting dog. She has the scars to prove it. She waited a year and a half to get adopted from Pawsibilities, the Humane Society of Greater Akron. When my wife and I decided we wanted a dog, we went to the shelter and fell in love with Alice. You can’t explain the feeling you get when you make eye contact and know that’s your dog. It just happens. And guess what? She’s the sweetest, most loving animal I’ve ever known.

Since adopting Alice two years ago, we have gone on to adopt another dog, Zeke, and have become involved with quite a few animal-related organizations. This ranges from fostering dogs to participating in dog transports to putting together fundraisers. My wife has really spearheaded it all, so I should give her credit and ask you to check out her site at

Getting back to the original point of this post, Mark Buehrle has been a very positive force in the animal community. He is an outspoken supporter of numerous organizations and initiatives. Our hope is that he will help remove the law banning pit bulls in Ontario. You know, his family is both human and canine, just like ours. He is being forced to split his family apart due to a law that by all measures does not need to be in the books. In Ohio, we helped remove breed-specific legislation (BSL) from the laws, so it can be done elsewhere. And perhaps Mark Buehrle is the right person to energize that movement.

Are you an animal owner? Do you and your animals have a connection to baseball? I would love to hear your thoughts…