RIP Earl Weaver and Stan Musial

Just wanted to pass along a quick note to say goodbye to two of the greatest ever involved in the game.

Growing up as an O’s fan, Earl Weaver was always viewed as a legend. The Orioles have, honestly, never been the same since he left. He was a pioneer, someone who would fit in in today’s baseball world. Get on base, hit home runs, don’t let the little things overshadow how you effectively score and prevent runs.

I don’t have any personal connection with Stan Musial. He was by any measure one of the best players to ever play the game, maybe even a top 10 guy (9th in fWAR among hitters). I can see on Fangraphs that he put up a ridiculous 139.4 career fWAR with a crazy 11.5 in 1948. I imagine that’s one of the top ten seasons we’ve ever seen.

It’s wonderful to think what these men accomplished. I think any of us would be happy to have that kind of impact in our own lives.