My fandom

If you’ve ever been to this blog, you’ve probably gotten a sense that I’m a huge Orioles fan. Always have been, always will be. But I have connections to quite a few other teams, so I thought this would be a good time to share that with you.

Teams I root for:

Baltimore Orioles – As noted in the intro.

Washington Redskins – Growing up in the DC area in the 80’s, that’s who you rooted for.

NC State – Where you go for undergrad is typically who you root for the most. I am no different in this regard.

US National Soccer Team – Perhaps my favorite thing to watch outside baseball.

Olympique de Marseille and Montpellier – Teams in the French Ligue 1. From cities close to where I was working/studying.

UW-Milwaukee and Kent State – Grad schools for me. My wife still works at Kent actually.

Carolina Hurricanes – You know, if we ever get hockey back.

UVA – My brother went there, so I’ll root for them as long as they’re not playing NC State.

Certain MMA fighters – Big fan of GSP, Dustin Poirier, Jon Jones

Teams I root against:

UNC-Chapel Hill – The worst of the worst.

New York Yankees

Dallas Cowboys

Virginia Tech


That sums up my fandom I think. There’s some teams that I soft of root for, like the Indians and Brewers, but not like those listed. I like to say that there’s a good reason I root for each team I do, and you can see why.

Who are your favorites? I wonder if anyone out there is similar to me. Who knows.


A few thoughts on the Big East and conference realignment

Let me preface this by saying that I’m an NC State grad and have always been a big fan of the ACC. I grew up in Maryland rooting for UMD, but don’t feel any connection now.

1. I think that the C7 schools breaking away is a great idea. The Big East has been dragged down for the last decade by the conference scrambling to get football schools. It’s just a big mess now with a coast-to-coast conference.

2. Cincy and UCONN will end up somewhere. I know they desperately want to join the ACC now, but for the time being they’re in limbo. I think eventually a couple schools will get picked off by the SEC or Big Ten and Cincy/UCONN will end up in the ACC. Which is really too bad, because it seems like the conference is becoming diluted to a certain extent (see: ACC baseball). I reminisce about the “old days” when the ACC just had nine or ten teams.

3. I like the move to get Louisville into the ACC. Not a great geographic fit, but they’re solid in football and basketball. And my sister-in-law happens to go there.

4. The impact on sports beyond football and basketball is interesting. It has to cost universities more and more money for travel. And with budgets tightening up all around, this can’t be good. Natural rivalries are quickly disappearing it seems too.

5. The MAC is great. Other than a couple minor additions and subtractions, the conference has been quite stable. As someone with deep connections to Kent State, I really enjoy seeing this group of schools together.

I just wish this would all stop honestly. But we all know that conference realignment will continue for as long as we have collegiate sports. Which might not be as long as we think in the current sense, with the nonsense the NCAA pulls.

Welcome to Langerhans’ Loogy

Well, this is the start of something. Thanks to Sky Andrecheck for a little motivation.

What am I trying to accomplish here?

1. Write a few interesting things about baseball. Hopefully some interesting new research, if time permits.

2. Keep up with my daily baseball thoughts. I’m fascinated with transactions of all kinds, though Christina Kahrl has that covered over at BP. I love keeping track of prospects, though that’s never an easy task. Just ask Keith Law (and Jason Churchill for that matter). I try to keep track of all the happenings in the sabermetric world, but it’s never easy. Big fan of Rob Neyer. And unfortunately I’m a diehard O’s fan, which these days is uncomfortable at best.

3. Regular updates about my TTM additions. Yes, I send cards out to players through the mail (hence TTM) and hope to get back a few autos. As of this first writing, I’ve got 45 back, which is not a bad haul for less than 2 months of work.

4. Keeping track of my life. I’m getting married in October and am in the process of looking for a full-time job after 3 years of working towards a PhD in Translation Studies. Good times indeed. And no, the dissertation isn’t close to being done, thanks for asking.

And why Langerhans’ Loogy? Well, I happen to have been born on the exact same day as the current Mariners’ outfielder, so that’s that. And if you need to know what a loogy is, well, I’ll leave it to BP

Until the next time.