Ranking the stadiums I’ve visited

For a while, I tried visiting a new stadium every year, whether it was in the minors or majors. I haven’t kept that up, but I have been to a few. Here are my personal rankings for the stadiums I’ve visited.

  1. PNC Park, Pittsburgh – I can’t believe I’m writing this, but PNC blows all other stadium experiences away. The stadium is beautiful and has gorgeous views of the water and downtown. The atmosphere is friendly and I’ve had good luck talking with players before games.
  2. Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore – Retro done to perfection. My “home” park if I have one.
  3. Miller Park, Milwaukee – It’s fun. Neat indoor/outdoor stadium. Plus the original sausage race.
  4. Great American Ballpark, Cincinnati – There’s a huge gap between the first three and this one. Nice modern park, but a bit boring.
  5. Nationals Park, Washington DC – It feels like it needs time to season. Potential to move up this list.
  6. Progressive Field, Cleveland – There’s not much that’s particularly interesting here.
  7. Memorial Stadium, Baltimore – My first stadium experience, though it’s hard to remember since it was so long ago.
  8. Wrigley Field, Chicago – I know, it’s sacrilege. The stadium just felt so old and cold.
  9. RFK Stadium, Washington DC – Made for football and it always felt like it.
  10. Olympic Park, Montreal – Playing in a dome just doesn’t feel like how you should play the game.

Special mention: Canal Park, Akron – I live about 10-15 minutes away from here, so if I want to see a game, this is where I go. It’s quite well designed and every seat is close to the action.

Parks I’d like to visit that are within driving distance: Comerica Park in Detroit, stadiums in Columbus, Toledo, Louisville

What about you? Agree that Wrigley is horribly overrated or think I should go back to Stadiums 101? Let me know…


2 comments on “Ranking the stadiums I’ve visited

  1. Out of Left Field says:

    I love Wrigley just because it is old. It has that history that new parks just don’t have. I love Fenway for the same reasons.
    Target Field is a really nice, and well done new stadium

  2. Everything I’ve heard/read about PNC Park has said it is a very nice place to watch a ball game. I hope someday it can be the home of a good team.

    I’m disappointed my recent trip to Chicago didn’t coincide with a Cubs homestand–I still would eventually like to visit Wrigley Field.

    I agree about baseball in domes. I saw a couple of games at the old Kingdome in Seattle, and of the parks I have visited, it is my least favorite.

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