From the “Do not open until 2007 or later” box

It’s been a horribly long time, but this may be cathartic…

So at Christmas time, my parents finally decided that it was time for me to get all the stuff they’ve been storing for me since they moved to Rhode Island in 2003. Well, there was a box that had something to the extent of “Do not open until 2007 or so” taped on it. Don’t ask me why, I was a weird kid.

Anyway, what I found inside was a mix of interesting and “what the heck was I thinking?” Contents:

1. Two boxes of 87 Topps wax packs. These were the first cards I started collecting, so I guess I understand why I put them in there. Perhaps I thought they were going to be worth something ten years later, but alas, such is not the case.

2. A 92 Leaf Mike Mussina card. It’s his rookie card, and at the time I was something of a Mike Mussina nut. He was also my brother’s favorite player at the time, so it was pretty obvious at the time that I had to join him. Of course, once Mussina signed with the Yanks, well, I had to choice but to root against him.

3. A random selection of cards. This is what really got me about the whole thing…

Brady Anderson – 93 Donruss

Roger Clemens – 92 Topps Stadium Club Members Choice

Relief prospects – 95 Topps

Troy Neel – 93 Fleer Ultra

Brooks Kieschnick – 94 Action Packed

Joey Belle – 90 Topps

Mark McLemore – 94 Topps Finest

Jason Bere – 95 Studio

Jeff Conine – 97 Topps

Ryan Klesko – 97 Donruss

Eric Karros – 96 Topps Finest

Bobby Bonilla – 96 Topps Finest

Cal Ripken – 91 Topps

Dante Bichette – 96 Upper Deck Collector’s Choice

Cristobal Colon – 91 Classic Best

Ok, I understand the Orioles players. But the rest is kind of a mystery. None of the relief pitchers listed (Brad Clontz, Steve Phoenix, Scott Gentile, Bucky Buckles) had anything more than a cup of coffee in the majors. I loved the 93 Fleer Ultra design at the time, but Troy Neel? Those Action Packed cards were part of the generation of cards that were intended to have the players seem to come off the card, which is a cool effect and all but…Brooks Kieschnick? Some of the other guys were young enough to have a solid career ahead of them (Bichette, Karros, Belle, Conine).

The strangest addition, by far, is that of Cristobal Colon. I have no idea who that is or why I have a card of his with all these others. I have a penchant for minor league cards and dreaming of big league stardom, but Colon’s addition here is all but a complete mystery to me. Did I want to remind myself that I enjoyed keeping cards of guys who never made an impact? Did I simply need another card to put in there? If that’s the case, why Colon? No idea, none at all…