Welcome to Langerhans’ Loogy

Well, this is the start of something. Thanks to Sky Andrecheck for a little motivation.

What am I trying to accomplish here?

1. Write a few interesting things about baseball. Hopefully some interesting new research, if time permits.

2. Keep up with my daily baseball thoughts. I’m fascinated with transactions of all kinds, though Christina Kahrl has that covered over at BP. I love keeping track of prospects, though that’s never an easy task. Just ask Keith Law (and Jason Churchill for that matter). I try to keep track of all the happenings in the sabermetric world, but it’s never easy. Big fan of Rob Neyer. And unfortunately I’m a diehard O’s fan, which these days is uncomfortable at best.

3. Regular updates about my TTM additions. Yes, I send cards out to players through the mail (hence TTM) and hope to get back a few autos. As of this first writing, I’ve got 45 back, which is not a bad haul for less than 2 months of work.

4. Keeping track of my life. I’m getting married in October and am in the process of looking for a full-time job after 3 years of working towards a PhD in Translation Studies. Good times indeed. And no, the dissertation isn’t close to being done, thanks for asking.

And why Langerhans’ Loogy? Well, I happen to have been born on the exact same day as the current Mariners’ outfielder, so that’s that. And if you need to know what a loogy is, well, I’ll leave it to BP

Until the next time.



TTM today

So I’ve started to send out cards to players hoping to get them to send back the cards signed. Figured I’d share my successes with everyone. Here’s what came in today:

Fu-Te Ni, Tigers – signed 09 Obak card in black sharpie, and it looks like he tried to sign the Bowman Chrome I sent but it rubbed off, 28 days
Jason Marquis, Nationals – signed 2010 Topps card in black sharpie, 41 days
Trey Haley, Indians (Lake County Captains) – signed 08 Razor card in blue ink, kept the extra one, 5 day return!!!

My complete list:

Tyler Chatwood
Kendry Morales
Chris Pettit
Garrett Richards
Kyle Drabek
Jason Heyward
Jair Jurrjens
Shelby Miller
Ryan Franklin
Ryan Dempster
Matt Davidson
Chris Owings
Billy Buckner
Wade Miley
Aaron Miller
Grady Sizemore
Bryan Price
Trey Haley
Tobi Stoner
Drew Storen
Garrett Mock
Jason Marquis
Ty Wigginton
Adam Jones
Jason Berken
Michael Ohlman
Billy Rowell
Luis Durango
Yohan Flande
Ross Ohlendorf
Neil Walker
Tony Sanchez
Lars Anderson
Stephen Fife
Ryan Lavarnaway
Reymond Fuentes
Mike Leake
Juan Carlos Sulbaran
Jimmy Key
Chris Iannetta
Rex Brothers
Brent Dlugach
Jacob Turner
Daniel Schlereth
Fu-Te Ni
Pat Neshek
Joe Nathan
Gordon Beckham

Until the next time.